At Bi Yuu, we only use the highest-quality fibers that allow our rugs to age beautifully.

We employ high quality Lincoln, merino and New Zealand fibers made in Mexico, stimulating domestic supply chains. The length and fine structure of our threads add resistance and weight to our rugs. Wool is a natural fiber, biodegradable and recyclable.


Sustainable use of Natural Pigments

In our local production methods, we exclusively use natural pigments for individual pieces and special orders no larger than five rugs.

Some of the natural pigments we use are derived from indigo, Mexican tarragon, marush, cochineal, walnut, Mexican honeysuckle and pomegranate, whose optimal harvest or collection in the wild depends on the rainy season, or on meticulous nurturing in the case of cochineal, a cactus parasite from which carmine is extracted.

Over the past two years, Oaxaca has suffered droughts that have negatively affected the production of these raw materials by the region’s artisans. We therefore aim to use natural pigments for limited editions, ensuring quality control in the dying process and contributing to the survival of the region’s pigments and water resources.

We recommend their use for residential spaces or boutique hotels.


Responsible Colorants

The closer the contact with a product, the stricter the compliance with human and ecological requirements. Our provider of colorants for animal fibers therefore operates in strict compliance with the international norms of the textile industry, such as OEKO-TEX.

We recommend this dying process for commercial, institutional, hotel or office projects that require large orders or resistant colors for heavy use. 

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