about us biyuu

Bi: Air, wind, breath. Zapoteco del Itsmo

Yuu: s 1. Earth. Chatino de Panixtlahuaca

“Weaving is speaking and singing through symbols brimming with meaning to describe the world.” – Bi Yuu

Bi Yuu was founded in 2012 by the textile designer Marisol Centeno. The goal was to create a brand specializing in woven rugs and textile design accessories, with a strong vision of quality, cutting-edge design, and social responsibility. At Bi Yuu, we are passionate about innovating within the realm of traditional textile processes – thoroughly learning local techniques and blending them with contemporary design. For this reason, experimentation and constantly testing new ideas are the foundation of our working process.

Our effort is focused not only on the aesthetics and production of our products, but also on fostering a collaborative work dynamic with our team, one of deep understanding and respect for the knowledge and craftsmanship of the trade.

Bi Yuu rugs tell many stories, weaving together the traditional and the contemporary, expressing our inspiration and emotion through a careful combination of color, texture and form. These stories bring warmth, harmony and life to any space, creating comfortable living and working environments.

At Bi Yuu, we take seriously the long history of textiles—objects that have accompanied mankind since antiquity as one of his most prized and intimate possessions. We want our textiles to be like a second skin in your space, adapting to any context, offering beauty that will withstand the test of time.

Our textiles are haute couture products

At Bi Yuu, we honor the true value of handmade textiles using natural materials. We embrace these values from a perspective of luxury, understanding and respecting the process, time, and ritual involved in true craft production.